Affordable Car Rental Tips You Need

Moving around with your friends and family in a private car is a lot better than travelling in public transport with a lot of people around. But while having a privacy is better, it comes with a cost too. If you are looking for an affordable car rental in Christchurch then follow the below tips. 

  1. Avoid rental cars from the airport

Generally, rental cars charges extra amount to the fee if you add the pickup location from the airport. This is due to the fact that the demand is high there and people are quiet needy to use this service. If you want to reduce the cost and get an affordable rate for the car rental service, consider choosing a location that is near to the airport but not the airport itself.  

  1. Look around for discounts

If you work at a corporate, there are chances where you get promo codes to avail huge discounts for car rental companies. Car rental agencies like Alamo and Hertz offer discounts for students, government organizations and corporate employees. Before you book a car rental service, we suggest you to ask the HR department of your organization to give you details for any such discounts. 

  1. Book multiple cars and then cancel later

This may seem a little odd to you but if you want an affordable rate for a car rental service, choose the agencies which offer free cancellation for up to 48 hours. This helps one in booking cars from different car rental agencies and to cancel before the grace period free of cost once you find the prices being reduced. However, this requires one to check the rates pretty often so you may want to keep a check on the prices at all times. Plan in a way so you could get the rental charges in the lowest possible way. 

  1. Skip Insurance

If you can, avoid opting for the insurance cost through car rental companies. Before taking any step, you should call up your insurance company or check online to see if the insurance you have for yourself covers insurance for car rentals as well. Most of the insurance companies do offer such service but we still recommend you to check it beforehand. If it does, make sure you skip insurance when you are booking for the rented car.  

Hope the above tips and tricks helped you in finding the best rates for getting a car rental service as who would want to pay so much if they have an option to reduce their costs. If you are someone who is on a budget travelling, we highly suggest you to follow the above mentioned tips. For more information, please log on to